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Cloud adoption reaches a new stratosphere

Cloud adoption reaches a new stratosphere 

This study was conducted by compiling the opinions of IT decision-makers in 3,400 organizations in 17 countries that have successfully implemented private, public and hybrid clouds.

Findings revealed that 53 per cent of companies surveyed expect cloud to drive increased revenue over the next two years. This, however, would be difficult as only 1 per cent of those surveyed have optimized cloud strategies currently while 32 per cent have no cloud plan in place.

Nick Earle, Senior Vice President at Global Cloud and Managed Services Sales for Cisco said in a press release that, “as we talk with customers interested in moving to the second wave of cloud, they are far more focused on private and hybrid cloud.” He went on further to highlight that this focus was because, “private and hybrid offer the security, performance, price, control and data protection organizations are looking for during their expanded efforts.”

This insight was the strategic factor used to drive the study, which was sponsored by Cisco and developed by the International Data Corporation (IDC). It shows that 44 per cent of companies are either currently using or have plans to implement private cloud while 64 per cent are contemplating hybrid cloud implementation.

Private cloud provides better resource use, greater scale, and faster time in responding to requests while adopting hybrid cloud can be more complex but offers workload portability, security, and policy enablement. 

In the monetary benefit area, organizations surveyed are gaining an average of $1.6 million in additional revenue per application deployed on private or public cloud while at the same time realizing $1.2 million in cost reduction.

The factors that contributed to increased revenue were largely based on sales of new products and services, acquiring new customers, and selling into new markets. Revenue increases were also attributed to better innovation stemming from the move of IT resources from one that is outdated to newer and more strategic innovative initiatives.

Further cost reductions resulted from operating on a more scalable, reliable, and higher-performing environment resulting in improved agility, increased employee productivity, risk mitigation, infrastructure cost savings and open source benefits.

As can be seen, the benefits of adopting cloud are numerous for any company but yet there are many companies that are still way behind in adopting this initiative. Does your company have a successful cloud policy and strategy? Are you unsure as to what to look for in adopting cloud? Not sure what to make of these findings? Fortunately, Cisco is assisting companies explain the findings of this study in two formats: a simple, survey-based tool and a more in-depth workshop.

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