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Cleo announces launch of Cleo Trust

Cleo announces launch of Cleo Trust 

Cleo Trust gives businesses increased control over information sharing, eliminates data breaches, and assists with agility and flexibility to promote better productivity within the workplace. Designed with corporate environments in mind, Cleo Trust enables businesses to transfer sensitive data securely inside and outside the confines of the company firewall, thus reducing the need for file encryption. It can be integrated into any existing email system, and can be scaled for future expansion.

“Our latest product offering, the Cleo Trust solution, provides the confidence that business users need to trust that the important business messages and attachments that they need to send to their customers and other recipients will reach them and only them,” said Joe Dupree, vice president of marketing for Cleo,  in a press release. “The Cleo Trust solution puts organizations in control over where their email and attachment data is stored, how long the data persists, and who has access to it.”

Both Cleo Trust and its sister product, Cleo Unify, are engineered for easy implementation and integration into any workplace environment. They feature user interfaces that are simple to use and modeled after popular social media websites and applications.

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