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ClearDB Iron to power Amazon EC2 clusters

ClearDB Iron to power Amazon EC2 clusters 

“Our goal with ClearDB Iron is to bring that ‘real iron’ experience to the cloud,” said Michael Russo, VP, sales and marketing, ClearDB, in a press release. “The cloud has significant advantages over more traditional database hosting options, but developers need a solution that delivers the benefits of the cloud without a big hit to performance. ClearDB Iron uses a tiered virtualized storage technology that delivers a performance boost of up to thirty times over standard MySQL configurations, and it does it without sacrificing data security or high availability.”

ClearDB developed Iron to lift the I/O throughout the watermark of the server instances that power Amazon EC2 clusters.

“The neat thing about Iron is that the performance boost comes at no additional cost to our customers,” added Russo, in a press release. “Plus ClearDB’s multi-tenant clusters are still geo-replicated, fault tolerant and secure, and our users still enjoy the same zero-administration experience that has made ClearDB such a hit with MySQL developers.”

Multi-tenant database services are available on Amazon EC2 through partners like Heroku, Pivotal, IBM BlueMix, RedHat Openshift and AppFog. Single-tenant clusters are also available through ClearDB.

ClearDB Customers who bought a multi-tenant database plan on EC2 before July 25, 2014, can move to a ClearDB Iron cluster by purchasing a new plan and update their configuration and the price remains unchanged.

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