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Citrix releases CloudPlatform 4.2 and CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1

Citrix releases CloudPlatform 4.2 and CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1 

The latest versions of both cloud solutions will allow companies to future-proof their cloud services strategy by using an application-centric approach to running traditional enterprise and cloud-native workloads.

“Businesses want to realize the true potential of the cloud by going beyond early experimentation with a few cloud-native use cases to a broader transformation across all their applications,” said Krishna Subramanian, VP of product marketing, Cloud Platform Groups, Citrix. “This requires a cloud architecture that can handle the full range of apps, services and workloads that IT will deliver to their users today and into the future. Based on feedback from over 200 production customers, CloudPlatform enables IT to support both traditional and emerging application workloads through a single, standardized cloud architecture while ensuring the flexible foundation needed for the journey to IT-as-a-Service.” 

CloudPlatform offers several features to both enterprises and service providers. N-tier applications and virtual private clouds are compatible with the security, networking and availability requirements of data centres. The product’s dedicated private cloud isolation provides the necessary compliance, security and performance requirements for running workloads in the cloud, and enterprise-grade networking integration supports the performance requirements for production workloads.

Version 4.2 of CloudPlatform also provides clients with the ability to create availability regions for multiple workload-specific zones and data centres, object storage in a region or across multiple zones, advanced cloud networking, and industry standard AWS APIs.

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1 provides clients with a cloud services catalog, which allows them to create custom services, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, cloud, and IT services. Additionally, customization SDK enables personalized packaging and delivery of cloud services, while BSS/OSS APIs provide integration with external support systems, such as CRM and technical support platforms.

The product also gives organizations the opportunity to use IT as a service broker using Citrix and partner connectors. Partners include Appcara, Caringo, Cloudsoft, and Cloudian.

“CloudPortal Business Manager enables organizations to aggregate any infrastructure, cloud, IT or value-add service, offering users the ability to provision on-demand and manage accounts through a simple, self-service portal. As a result, organizations can future-proof their cloud strategy, while also evolving their business and generating results,” said Subramanian.

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