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Citrix releases ByteMobile 7

Citrix releases ByteMobile 7 

ByteMobile 7 has a number of useful features and enhancements, including building on User Experience Indexing (UXI) technology to give operators the ability to use subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) as a service differentiator. The UXI technology platform allows mobile operators to more accurately monitor, measure and score each subscriber’s experience. Typically, network metrics offer little insight into a subscriber’s level of satisfaction with the service they’re receiving, especially when it comes to video. Citrix hopes to improve on this measure with a number of enhancements, including separate scores for web and video experience that are each based on factors including how the content is delivered and its visual quality. 

The software also includes tools to help operators manage the growing data and traffic from Internet radio and video. With the launch of ByteMobile 7, Citrix is the first in the industry to provide mobile operators with the tools to manage the mobile music boom. The company says its new software helps operators reduce Internet radio traffic volume by up to 30 percent, with no perceptible effect on the subscriber listening experience.

It also offers adaptive optimization, including reducing video stalling by up to 30 percent, with  stalling associated with HD video seeing the greatest improvement, and file downloads also up to 30 percent faster, with greatest impact seen on LTE networks.

ByteMobile 7 is available now for deployment on the T-Series Adaptive Traffic Management System.  With the updated software, Citrix says that the T-Series will now be able to classify over 800 different IP applications and protocols, managing this data traffic on a massive scale and consolidating multiple network elements into one.

“As the world’s most widely deployed traffic management solution for mobile operators, we receive weekly feedback from our customers on the challenges they’re facing in their networks,” said Fred Koopmans, senior director of product management, Citrix Service Provider Platforms. “Video and now, Internet radio traffic is stressing mobile networks, affecting both network efficiency and subscriber experience. At the same time, increased price competition is making it imperative for operators to—on the revenue side—differentiate themselves on the basis of QoE and—on the cost side—to find ways to consolidate their networks. ByteMobile 7 is aimed squarely at these mobile operator challenges.” 

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