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Citrix names Long View Canadian partner of the year

Citrix names Long View Canadian partner of the year 

“Long View is one of the few partners that looks at Citrix holistically, bringing their skills and expertise not just to virtualization, but to mobility,” said Michael Murphy, country manager, Canada, Citrix. “What I mean by mobility isn’t just how to enable a virtual app or desktop, but how to embrace enterprise mobility management, and giving people access from the device of their choice, from the location of their choice, at the time of their choice. Long View has supported Citrix in this.”

By recognizing Long View, Citrix is hoping to tell the marketplace what it is looking for in its partners, what it wants its partners to become, and where it wants its partners to invest – be it in people, competencies, or joint selling activities.

“We try to be innovative. We try to innovate around our customers’ business challenges and the outcomes they’re looking for,” said Dave Frederickson, VP, National Business Development, Long View. “With Citrix, we’re able to meet many challenges our customers are facing.”

Long View is part of the Citrix’s Solutions Advisor Program, which is focused on providing customers with certifications and competencies rather than a specific product family.

Murphy pointed out that, during the 2013 floods in Alberta, Citrix and Long View were able to provide businesses not only with the mobile solutions their employees needed to work remotely, but also the knowledge and support required for an effective mobile workforce.

“Citrix isn’t the whole story,” said Murphy. “What we provide solves, from a software tech perspective, a lot of what companies are trying to do. But we need companies like Long View, who bring other solutions and tech to wrap around what Citrix can offer.”

Although Murphy and Frederickson acknowledged that Citrix and Long View have accomplished much together – particularly in western Canada – both companies are looking forward to expanding their joint services into the rest of the country.

“Long View is excited about the relationship we have with Citrix,” said Frederickson. “We see huge opportunities in the traditional virtualization space and in the mobility space. We’re excited about what the market has to offer, and what we can bring to the Greater Toronto Area.”

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