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Citrix launches SeeIt, a video streaming app for tech support

Citrix launches SeeIt, a video streaming app for tech support 

Android-based SeeIt is a video streaming feature that gives tech support the customer’s POV when dealing with IT calls. Launched in early January, it is part of Citrix’s effort to bring mobility to the support sphere and meet the demand for choice in how customers initiate and conduct tech support requests.

“We’ve found that…most customers that are calling in for help aren’t just calling anymore,” said Kineon Walker, global product director, Citrix.  “Many of them want to text for help from their mobile devices – they want to email, they want to chat, they want to use social media. It’s not just about a company getting help [using] their phones. It’s about using that phone, from a technician perspective, to get a solution to the problem more quickly.”

Moreover, the company is looking to reduce the hassle of opening a request for tech support. Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to get the help they need; they want their problems to be solved in the space of a single phone call.

“Our customers were asking us to help them enable their technician to see what the user is seeing,” said Walker.

There are two main benefits customers can expect to gain by using SeeIt: one, it limits the need for numerous back-and-forth IT phone calls; and two, it removes the need for tech support to visit customers in person, thereby saving both tech support and the customer valuable time that would otherwise be wasted on travel.

The feature is simple enough to use. The customer simply opens the app and agrees to share the camera with the technician, which opens a video stream so the tech to see what is happening from the client’s point of view.

Tech support can then walk the customer step-by-step through the troubleshooting process, without having to resort to IT terms the customer may not understand.

The reaction from Citrix customers has been positive since its January release. Within six days of launch, Citrix logged over 200 tech support sessions using the capability.

“We’re getting a lot of usage right now, reaching out to the customers to see how this is going for them,” said Walker.

As for the future of this technology, Citrix sees it being incorporated into things like Google Glass, making life easier for customers who need to have their hands free while they go through the troubleshooting process.

“We see this extending to things like wearables and different wearable applications, especially for field service technicians,” said Walker.

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