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Citrix announces Workspace app to access all your content

Citrix announces Workspace app to access all your content 

The Workspace app provides unified access to all of your apps and files, is prebuilt in SaaS integrations and comes equipped with universal search functionality.

The need for improved productivity is a top goal across business and industry. Today, the average person works on a few devices from different locations throughout the day. Some start off at the gym with their tablets, on the train the switch is made over to their smartphones, then in the office unto a desktop computer. In this age, with an avalanche of apps and numerous devices, one would think that cross-device work and sharing of files would be easy, but it is not. And that level of difficulty increases in the enterprise field.

The workforce is constantly changing. “For years now we have been talking about the Millennials, but they are here now,” Henshall said during his keynote message. This new generation in the workforce has grown up on the Internet. “They believe that technology should just work.”

The pace of computing is moving quickly. By this year, more than half of the workload will be running off the cloud. Data is increasing at a phenomenal rate. The pace of progress and digitalization is alarming. To unlock new levels of innovation and boost growth, Henshall believes that the workforce of the future needs to be empowered with new tools.

Henshall pointed out that his company is committed to enabling people-centric computing within organizations. “We are at a place where mobile users now equal those in a traditional office environment and organizations must deliver a unified work experience,” he added.

Getting there will require a list of strategies to give people a unified workspace.

Henshall went on to explain the challenges in the enterprise sector today of how the average customer delivers a hundred different apps. This forces users to navigate between different performance outcomes and numerous environments, causing people to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume. This results in negative users experience. Risk also increases as data is across different apps, devices and platforms which increases cost.

All of these factors increase complexity. “The average company is spending between $800 to $1000 per person per year to manage just this complexity,” said Henshall. “This is a lot of money to spend on declining productivity.”

These new challenges require fresh ideas. One of those ideas that are bearing fruit for Citrix is the Workspace app. “Given the right tools, people will create incredible innovation,” the CEO of Citrix said. He went on to explain that his company is focused on delivering a superior experience across the board to provide everything at our fingertips with strictest of security requirements.

The delivery of content across different platforms like SaaS, web, mobile and the virtualized data center is crucial. Equally important is having it available at the right time with universal management at different endpoints. All of this with performance and flexibility. Managing at such a scale is time-consuming and expensive.

The new Workspace app is one way to access and open your content securely on the web, SaaS, Windows, Linux and mobile apps, and to share files from anywhere and across any device. This app provides an intuitive and digital workspace that delivers a consistent and unified experience across all devices so that you can begin your work on the treadmill in the morning, continue to work on your phone while commuting and then pick up from your desktop at the office.

There is also the integration between Slack and Secure Mail, which allows users to easily convert email messages into Slack conversations and to send Slack messages directly from Secure Mail.

“Our solutions deliver the experience, security and choice that people and organizations need to innovate, engage customers and be productive – anytime and anywhere,” said Henshall.

All the innovations unveiled today at Citrix Synergy ’18 will be available over the next 90 days. To learn more about Workspace app, go here.

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