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Cision introduces new version of marketing software

Cision introduces new version of marketing software 

“Having the ability to quickly and easily connect with social influencers who are talking about specific topics is core to helping brands tell their stories,” said Peter Granat, president and CEO, Cision. “The new version of CisionPoint not only helps users identify and engage with influencers, but it also simplifies the content sharing process and improves content visibility.”

The new version includes an influencer search, which lets users search through millions of tweets for top influencers who are writing about specific topics, and enhanced mobile support for social newsrooms.

The social newsrooms will now have new Twitter sharing options that include Twitter Cards, which allow users to attach story summaries and images within their tweets. The developers have also improved the news site functionality, providing easier subscription to news and branded content by keyword, industry or company.

Cision’s Content Marketing Suite now integrates GaggleAMP, allowing businesses to reach further with social media messages that can be shared by employees, partners and customers.

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