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Cisco tackles the changing threat landscape

Cisco tackles the changing threat landscape 

The redesign, helmed by Learning@Cisco, is meant to provide IT professionals with ongoing development opportunities and teach them how to more effectively manage evolving threats.

The revised CCNP Security Certification trains network security engineers to view security holistically and provide their organizations with a more complete security posture.

The Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist Certification is a new offering, and provides network security analysts with the tools they need to acquire advanced threat detection skills. It is intended for professionals that have already obtained expertise on threat detection, and it gives them the opportunity to leverage Cisco’s features and products for event monitoring, traffic analysis, and incident response.

Additionally, the company is offering a number of dedicated and specialized courses that tackle advanced ASA security, BYOD security, and core Cisco ASA security.

“The Cisco Annual Security Report indicates that overall vulnerability and threat alerts have reached their highest levels since Cisco began tracking them in 2000,” said Jeanne Beliveau Dunn, VP and GM, Learning@Cisco. “The security landscape has evolved rapidly and radically from that of just a few years ago. In order to stay ahead of these new security challenges, individuals require validated training that aligns with business requirements both today and into the future. The enhanced security training and certifications introduced today provide sophisticated education to equip professionals with the necessary skills to defend mission critical networks.”

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