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Cisco’s CTO: made in Canada innovation for partners

Cisco’s CTO: made in Canada innovation for partners 

It was designed to help partners deploy Cisco’s Business Edition 6000 collaboration solution to individual customer configurations, in less time. Through the nationwide distributor program, CTO is reported by partners to cut two to three days from the overall installation.  

Cisco partners can use the custom-built portal to select which applications their end customers would like to have installed on their servers. Their designated Canadian distributor then unpacks, validates, and updates the Cisco Business Edition 6000 software and configures it exactly as outlined. Once completed, they repack it and ship it back to the partner or customer.

“On the partner side, they now have the ability to increase their personal margin perspective on this solution,” said Dave De Abreu, VP, Solutions and Partner Organization, Cisco Canada. “It’s a very robust solution, it’s very scalable, and now [partners] have the ability to basically set a base line and then still go in and customize it to any individual customer’s perspective.”

Essentially, the configuration service alleviates the most time-consuming parts of the Business Edition 6000 installation for resellers. It speeds up deployment, allows for lower implementation costs, and increases sales for partners.

“This configure-to-order service is allowing us to better the street price, increase margins along the way, and as you can imagine, a product like that, there’s a lot of capability in that product, and so with that we’re always trying to find ways to make that adoption and make these services and capabilities easier, and the CTO does that,” said Rod Scotland, National Architectures Strategy manager for mid-market, Cisco Canada.

The program ensures that businesses, whether enterprise, midmarket, or SMB, have access to the same applications through the Business Edition.  

“We think and we certainly do believe that when we are able to take large capabilities like instant messaging and video to the enterprise organizations, we think that the small business enjoys them and deserves them exactly in the same manner, and that’s what the Business Edition does for us,” says Scotland. “It allows us to get the pricing right, the cost of ownership right, and align to the smallest of small business, and bring them these powerful tools. At the end of the day in a small business, we all want to have a company that makes money while we sleep, and the Business Edition enables those services to happen.”  

The CTO service also represents one of the initiatives Cisco has in Canada this year, to intensify its midmarket execution through the distribution platform. This is just the beginning: in the future, Cisco Canada hopes to extend the service to its global counterparts. 

“I think it’s important to know that we will continue to evolve this, and continue in the theme of enabling our partners and extending that value directly to our customers,” said Scotland. “That’s our strategy, that’s how we’re moving forward, and the CTO will evolve into other capabilities that further our ecosystem.”

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