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Cisco releases Network Convergence System

Cisco releases Network Convergence System 

“The Cisco NCS was engineered with the programmability, intelligence and scalability to meet the demands of today and tomorrow,” said Surya Panditi, SVP and GM, Cisco Service Provider Networking Group. “The NCS delivers an evolved programmable network that will enable service providers to generate new revenue streams and business models, while delivering exciting new experiences to their customers.”

One of NCS’s benefits is that it is capable of supporting large volumes of data due to its petabit scale design – for example, it can transport the entire Netflix library in a matter of seconds. This is largely in part because NCS is able to manage and move resources wherever they are needed within the network, in real time.  The product can also help network administrators reduce the cost of ownership while consuming less power when it is deployed as part of the Cisco ONE service provider architecture.

NCS incorporates several industry breakthroughs, including the Cisco nPower X1 integrated network processor, a convergence of IP and optical networks that enable the NCS to act as a foundational network fabric, and advanced virtualization capabilities that allow the system to orchestrate resources across disparate elements.

There are three key components in the NCS family. The NCS 6000, available now, contains a 1 Tbps line card and is capable of transporting up to 5 Tbps per slot and 1.2 Pbps per system. The NCS 2000, also available now, connects DWDM transport networks at speeds of 100 Gbps. 

The NCS 4000, which will be available in the first half of 2014, will support 400 Gbps per slot and 6.4 terabits per second.

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