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Cisco releases Instant Connect

Cisco releases Instant Connect 

Instant Connect uses existing network infrastructure over enterprise networks and does not require companies to invest more money and resources into their networks. Customers can also use their preferred mobile device, including Cisco wired and wireless phones. 

Employees working in the field log into their group and push a button to communicate with their colleagues from any location with network connectivity. If a user goes off site, he or she can stay in touch with his or her group by connecting to the corporate network through a carrier data plan. Administrators can add and delete users from groups as necessary. 

Cisco installs PTT servers on a corporate network and the servers run as virtual applications on Cisco’s Unified Data Center technologies including the Unified Computing Systems b-series, c-series and e-series platforms that can easily be expanded as PTT usage grows.{mospagebreak}Instant Connect aims to reduce telecom costs and give businesses better control of instant communications. Its on premise PTT services eliminate recurring monthly service fees and operational expenses. Customers can extend Instant Connect services beyond the enterprise network coverage area using Cisco mobile routers or carrier data plans. In addition, IT departments can expand Wi-Fi coverage by adding additional access points, providing better on premise coverage than carrier coverage or Land Mobile Radio coverage. 

Cisco’s new PTT solution also supports video feeds. Managers with administrative privileges can add live surveillance cameras or recorded video, enabling rich media collaboration with the group. Moreover, video surveillance feeds can be dropped into incident communication channels providing voice, video and data collaboration directly to field personnel.

“We are happy to launch our first wave of Cisco Instant Connect products in response to our customers asking for more cost effective solutions and greater control of their communications,” said Dan O’Malley, senior product manager, Cisco.

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