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Cisco launches small cell partner program

Cisco launches small cell partner program 

Through the program, mobile operators will be able to certify Cisco partners and support demand generation and market opportunity for in-building services. Customers, meanwhile, will have access to what Cisco terms “true mobility” through a single trusted partner, whether over Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE.

Cisco’s existing channel partners will be certified to sell and deploy in-building 3G and LTE services with a mobile operator, and will receive access to training, program bundles that include value-added services, and incentives to keep the program cost-effective for customers.

The program is built on the Cisco Small Cell Solutions and features Cisco’s Quantum Self-Optimizing Network capabilities. This “provides real-time dynamic adjustments between local small cells and the macro-cellular network for self-optimization at scale.” Moreover, it features a portfolio of Cisco Enterprise Universal Small Cells that includes Cisco USC 7000 Series standalone access points or Cisco USC 5000 Series modular plug-ins for the Cisco Aironet 3600 and Cisco 3700 Wi-Fi access points.

Through the program, and with the help of participating partners, customers will be able to generate a wider range of services and enterprise value. Mobile operators will also be able to more easily meet requirements for in-building cellular connectivity.

“We’re approaching the small cell market in a new and unique way that will keep costs down while allowing deployments to scale, creating the environment needed for enterprise small cells to cross the adoption curve chasm,” said Ed Chang, VP, Small Cell Technology Group, Cisco. “Cisco and our partners have the radio frequency expertise, enterprise relationships, and the self-organizing network technology mobile operators need to quickly and easily deploy small cells indoors.”

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