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Cisco launches Evolved Services Platform

Cisco launches Evolved Services Platform 

“Service providers success is dependent on providing a consistent experience, agility to roll out new services and the ease at which these services can be ordered, automated, managed and delivered,” said Pankaj Patel, EVP and chief development officer, Cisco. “Service providers globally view virtualization not just to reduce costs but to have it work with their infrastructure to provide even greater value by means of increased agility and elasticity. As the industry leader in networking, we are not only committed to but executing on our strategy to enable our customers through this transition.”

Cisco’s ESP is based on open standards and incorporates OpenStack and Open Daylight protocol suites. Additionally, it is multi-vendor and can integrate with third-party software and other vendors’ applications, such as Broadsoft, Metaswitch Networks, and Openwave Mobility.

It spans the entire service provider infrastructure, including cloud, video, and mobile, allowing users to optimize their networks or create and automate new services as needed.

Cisco currently has two service modules available for deployment. The first, Cisco Videoscape Cloud DVR Solution, provides cloud-driven recording capabilities, allowing the user to capture and store video in the cloud rather than on an end device.

The second, Cisco Virtualized Mobile Internet, which provides virtualized mobile services, such as sponsored data, which will make new revenue streams available to service providers.

Cisco is currently offering these capabilities to service providers under four different purchase methods. Service providers can purchase individual virtual functions separately; as an orchestrated network of functions; combined with orchestration and a hardware package; or “as a Service.”

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