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Cisco goes after cloud services market with $1B investment in global cloud network

Cisco goes after cloud services market with $1B investment in global cloud network 

“Customers, providers and channel partners alike are turning to Cisco to create open and highly secure hybrid cloud environments, and they want to rapidly deploy valuable enterprise-class cloud experiences for key customers – all while mitigating the risk of capital investment,” said Robert Lloyd, president, Development and Sales, Cisco.

The Intercloud network is being built for the Internet of Everything, with a distributed network and security architecture designed for high-value workloads, real time analytics, ‘near infinite’ scalability and compliance with local data sovereignty laws.

It will also provide a new portfolio of cloud IT services for businesses, service providers and resellers. It’s being designed to deliver the mobile, collaborative, and video cloud services that enable today’s new connected experiences.

Over the next two years, Cisco expects to invest more than $1 billion to build its expanded cloud business. Its partner-centric business model is expected to generate additional investment to drive the global scale of these services. The networking giant will deliver Cisco Cloud Services with and through its partners, including Canadian business communications provider Allstream.

“The timing is right for Cisco and its partners to invest in a groundbreaking, application-centric global Intercloud to provide broader reach and faster time to market. Together, we have the capability to enable a seamless world of many clouds in which our customers have the choice to enable the right, highly secure cloud for the right workload, while creating strategic advantages for rapid innovation, and ultimately, business growth,” said Lloyd.

The Cisco Intercloud will be hosted across a global network of Cisco and partner data centers. It will allow companies and users to combine and securely move workloads across different public or private clouds as needed.

Cisco is expanding is Cisco Powered program to include Cisco Cloud Services. The company will sell these new services through channel partners and directly to end customers.


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