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Cisco debuts Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco debuts Application Centric Infrastructure 

In a presentation to partners and customers in New York City this morning, Cisco CEO and chairman John Chambers talked about the need for the IT industry to refocus on the application economy. According to him, ACI is the future of the IT industry, and is necessary to breaking down vendor silos in order to deliver to customers at a faster pace.

“Today, we’re talking about how to break down [vendor] silos,” Chambers said. “How applications, with application-centric infrastructure, combined with security and scale, comes together in a way that would transform IT and allow IT to finally be able to re-focus on outcomes and results.”

ACI consists of the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), the Nexus 9000 portfolio, and enhancements to the NX-OS operating system. Among the benefits it provides are the acceleration of deployment time, centralization of policy management, and investment protection for customers.

The Nexus 9000 portfolio simplifies operations by providing centralized policy control by disconnecting application centric policy from IP infrastructure. It provides increased performance, scale, and security, due to open platform and open source that encourages innovation in data protection.

Real-time visibility and analytics allows for easier, faster problem resolution, while Microsoft Hyper-V, RedHat KVM, and VMware vSphere provide broad virtualization support for automated virtual network policy management.

Additionally, Cisco confirmed that ACI has gained the support of many IT companies, including BMC, CA Technologies, Citrix, EMC, Embrane, Emulex, F5, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Panduit, Puppet Labs, NIKSUN, OpsCode, Red Hat, SAP, Splunk, Symantec, VCE and VMware.

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