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Citrix releases free developer version of NetScaler load balancer

Citrix releases free developer version of NetScaler load balancer 

The new NetScaler CPX Express is a full-featured, microservice-ware load balancer that gives developers enterprise-grade, the secure functionality of Citrix’s NetScaler CPX which is currently deployed in more than 20,000 enterprise organizations around the world.

NetScaler CPX Express shares the same codebase, REST API, and operations interface as its enterprise the NetScaler ADC.

“NetScaler CPX Express enables developers to drive applications into full-scale production quicker than any other alternative available today,” according to Ash Chowdappa, vice-president and general manager, NetScaler, Citrix.

The new load balancer provides microservices application developers with:

  • Application-savvy load balancing capabilities
  • Easy, in-service upgrades with no disruption to microservices
  • Advanced security capabilities such as SSL offload and protection against network, transport, application-layer DDoS threat vectors and API rate limiting for DDOS attack mitigation
  • Service discovery and auto-reconfiguration with Google Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Apache Mesos container management systems
  • Real-time visibility, management, and analytics through integration with the NetScaler Management and Analytics System
  • The ability to get up and running in less than five minutes

Access to full-featured ADC is a challenge for many application developers

“With the rise of DevOps and microservices, developers increasingly are concerned with reliable application delivery as well as with application development,” said Brad Casemore, research director, data centre networks, at analyst firm IDC. “Unfortunately, at the inception of many projects, developers do not always have access to a full-featured ADC.”

He said NetScaler CPX Express helps “accelerate the speed at which microservices-based applications can advance from development to deployment.”

NextScaler CPX Express also “offers developers and DevOps engineers a free containerized load balancer for layer 4-7 services based on NetScaler, which is ideal for creating microservices or containerized applications,” according to Anthony Shaw, head of innovation, cloud infrastructure company, Dimension Data ITaaS.

“Developers can pave the way for the conversion of monolithic applications into containerized or microservices applications by using the same NetScaler functionality that exists in production in the data centre for application development and all the way through to production,” said Shaw.

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