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CipherPoint introduces cloud data security solution

CipherPoint introduces cloud data security solution 

Eclipse offers content scanning, encryption and auditing capabilities. It was designed to help organizations identify, secure and audit access to sensitive and regulated data stored in cloud collaboration platforms. 

This new solution provides users with robust encryption, using industry standard encryption algorithms, access control, audit reporting and customer-controlled encryption keys to address real concerns that large enterprises have about cloud security. Similar to other CipherPoint products, Eclipse is managed from a unified data security console.

“As more organizations move sensitive and regulated data to cloud collaboration and file sharing platforms, data protectionbecomes a critical component. As a result, CipherPoint is expanding our platform support to address our customers’ security and compliance demands,” said Mike Fleck, CEO, CipherPoint. “With our new Eclipse for SharePoint Online and Office365 solution, CipherPoint becomes the first data security vendor to address customer security requirements with a purpose-built architecture for both on-premises and cloud collaboration platforms, enabling customers to protect digital assets wherever they reside.” 

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