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CenturyLink offers partners additional revenue stream through Cloud Application Manager

CenturyLink offers partners additional revenue stream through Cloud Application Manager 


With CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager, managed services providers can reap the benefits of higher recurring revenues by adding services around highly-sought after infrastructure-as-a-service offerings rather than earning a smaller profit by simply reselling cloud services from the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

The new offering from CenturyLink is designed to simplify deployment of enterprise workloads, managed services, and third-party cloud resources. It is a cloud-agnostic management platform that enables companies to better manage applications and workloads across hybrid hosting environments – in customer private clouds, colocation centres, and public cloud environments.

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 “Many of our customers and partners struggle with the business challenge of determining the best execution venue for their business applications,” said David Shacochis, vice president of Hybrid IT product management, CenturyLink. “Cloud Application Manager helps companies avoid vendor lock-in, automate application deployments, scale workloads across disparate hosting environments, and optimize their costs over time.”

Cloud Application Manager enables customers to quickly provision, deploy and migrate workloads to the environment that best matches business requirements. The platform also enables automated deployment of expert managed services from CenturyLink for application and infrastructure management.

Cloud Application Manager includes:

  • Application lifecycle management – Customers and partners can manage applications from build phase through deployment and run-state. Once deployed, customer-defined automation policies enable customers to scale, update, and migrate applications across environments.
  • Managed services anywhere – Customers and partners can select CenturyLink Managed Services for on-demand monitoring, patching, backup and remote administration across any hybrid hosting environment.
  • Cloud optimization – Customers and partners can leverage existing public cloud accounts, or provision new subscriptions directly through the Cloud Application Manager platform – simplifying vendor management and consolidating billing of multi-cloud deployments. 
  • Cloud Application Manager enables customers to better manage costs and spending on the various cloud platforms while making recommendations on the ideal place to run workloads.

Users also get the benefit of simplified billing.

Users can consume Cloud Application Manager via the cloud version (SaaS) or the data center version (a virtual appliance that runs on-premises in their data center). This usage-based platform allows customers to consume the value-added services they need with a consolidated bill and a simplified interface.

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