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CenturyLink hits the road

CenturyLink hits the road 

The series will make its debut in Boston on July 15, continuing through till the end of October 2015.

The topics are far-reaching in both their relevancy and their impact. Scheduled speakers include Julia King, contributing editor of CIO Magazine and “Cloudonomics” author Joe Weinman, as well as CenturyLink’s own executives, Shirish Lal, David Shacochis, David Mahon and Gary Gauba.

The forums will address the topics most relevant to today’s C-level executives. These topics can most easily be broken into five essential categories: Big Data, Security and Disaster Recovery, Customer-Centric IT, Cloud and DevOps, and Data Center Trends. Participants will discover how best to adapt to the changing data center industry.

“CenturyLink meets regularly with enterprises to discuss IT challenges and how to find flexible, cost-effective solutions to help them stay relevant in today’s ever-changing technology landscape,” said Shirish Lal, chief marketing officer at CenturyLink.

“We are excited to visit key markets to share real-world scenarios and lessons learned about some of the hottest IT topics currently being discussed among C-levels.”

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