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Celestica opens microelectronics lab in Toronto

Celestica opens microelectronics lab in Toronto 

“Microelectronics is in demand for high-reliability markets such as healthcare, aerospace, defense, communications and renewable energy. As optics and photonics technologies permeate these high-reliability sectors, it is becoming increasingly more important to miniaturize and cost reduce,” shared Shawn Blakney, Senior Director, Technology and Innovation, Celestica, in a press release. “Smaller electronics provide the flexibility for lighter, portable and potentially more affordable devices, a trend that is already proven in the consumer market.”

The 1100 square foot ISO class-6 room is temperature, humidity and airborne particle-controlled. Celestica’s lab provides solutions using bare die packaging technologies to reduce costs, enhance integrity, and improve performance for applications. With Toronto being an information, communication and technology hub, the lab’s location is said to be a strategic choice and will bolster the infrastructure for product enablement in Canada. SMBs and OEMs now can access the technologies in this facility to bring their electronics products to target markets affordably.

“The new microelectronics laboratory complements our existing capabilities in Toronto including our materials laboratory and surface mount technology manufacturing,” added Blakney. “As we look to the future, microelectronics will play an increasing role in technology, and with this new capability, we can help our customers to keep up with the pace of change and stay competitive in their markets.”

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