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Casting light on Shadow IT

Casting light on Shadow IT 

To cast some light onto these shady areas, Vancouver company Absolute has released their newest Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) functionality.

“Unsanctioned use of cloud storage applications represents a substantial threat to organizations since sensitive material can be transferred within applications where IT has no visibility,” said Christopher Bolin, Chief Product Officer, Absolute.

In order to give companies more insight into their data, Absolute’s Leveraging Persistence technology allows for risk detection on data such as PHI, PII, payment information and intellectual property. They can also remotely delete sensitive data, even if an endpoint is outside of the corporate network.

Users can also determine which cloud applications are in use and track down where their data is being stored.

“This reporting capability extends awareness and visibility across all devices and data – including data stored within cloud applications,” said Bolin. “We will provide our customers with detailed insight to which applications are in use and provide them with the ability to secure and delete sensitive data that’s been stored in this manner.”

Companies can rest assured that all corporate data is secure and accounted for – beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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