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Canon DR-C225 scanner delivers the essentials for small office users

Canon DR-C225 scanner delivers the essentials for small office users 

The 5.95-lb. device with an 8.7” x 11.8” footprint is capable of duplex scanning, fast text recognition, scans to searchable PDF format and connects to several popular third-party cloud services and comes with a suite of top-level application programs.

All that for a price tag that hovers around $460 to $520 in Canada.

Small footprint

Its’ innovative, upright design and ability to scan a wide variety of document types and sizes make the DR-C225 an ideal scanner for small business and small workgroup environments.

The unit does not need extra room for an output tray. The paper follows a U-shaped path beginning in the 30-sheet automatic document feeder in the rear, moving under the scanner and then ending up in the output tray. The tray is parallel to the scanner’s front panel.

When being used with heavier paper like business cards, the user can flip a small lever on the side of the machine to enable the paper to follow a straight path leading it under the scanner and through a slot near the bottom of the output tray.

Scan speed

The DR-C225 has a 600 pixel per inch optical resolution.

Its’ rated scan speed is 25 pages per minute (ppm) and 50 images per minute (ipm) for two-sided scanning.

The scanner takes a little over one minute to scan directly to a searchable PDF file which is a format ideal for document management.


The DR-C225 is easy to setup. Apart from PaperPort and OmniPage, the unit comes with additional software such as Presto! BizCard 6 for scanning business cards, Twain, WIA and ISIS drivers, which allows users to scan from nearly any program with a scan command.

Users get full PDF capabilities with Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office 6 which contain a PDF Converter Assistant and PDF Create Assistant.

Canon’s CaptureOnTouch also allows users to scan by picking one of three pre-defined profiles. The software also allows users to choose a destination to send the scanned document to.

Default documents types are: Business Cart; Text, and Full Auto

Destinations include: Email; Print; Microsoft SharePoint; OneDrive; SugarSync; Dropbox; Google Drive; and the application programs pre-loaded in the device

Bottom Line

One drawback of the Canon ImageFormulaDR-C225 is the lack of Wi-Fi which prevents it from connecting wirelessly to computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Luckily, the scanner’s Wi-Fi-enabled sister, the DR-C225 is also available in the market. The machine shares all of the specifications and features of the DR-C225, plus the advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity, priced at around $640.

However, is USB connection is not a deal breaker and if you are looking for a low-cost but fast scanner that can fit into minimal or cramped office space, the DR-C225 is your ticket. This machine cost well below $550, its’ text recognition feature is fast and accurate and comes with a useful array of application programs.

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