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Canada included in the top 20 countries receiving the most COVID-themed threats

Canada included in the top 20 countries receiving the most COVID-themed threats 

Canada is reported to have received 153,584 of the total COVID-themed cyber-threat detections in the past year, placing it in the list of Top 20 countries at the eighteenth spot.

On a global scale, about 16.4 million threats were detected in 2020. Some of these are malicious URLs, spam, and malware. Eighty eight per cent of these are email-borne spam threats. Some specific examples of these include phishing attempts using COVID-19 as a means to acquire personal and financial data. The country also ranked ahead of Croatia and Turkey. Overall, the United States has the highest number of COVID-themed cyber threats with over 6 million.

“Canada’s position on this list indicates that users across the country are applying security best practices and are maintaining steady IT hygiene when it comes to enhanced threats developed during the pandemic,” said Greg Young, Vice President Cybersecurity at Trend Micro. “We know that there is always more to do when it comes to security, and advise consumers and businesses alike to ensure they are running secure devices and have the training they need to stay safe.”

Attacks on home networks internationally went up to 209 per cent or almost 2.9 billion as cyber criminals are quickly adapting to the new normal situation caused by the pandemic. 

The report also said that there were over 175 million phishing URLs during 2020 as more cyber criminals are targeting distracted employees who are working from home and are potentially using unsecured devices and networks.

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