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CAIL Mobile Solutions releases Mobile Design Platform

CAIL Mobile Solutions releases Mobile Design Platform 

The CAIL Mobile Design Platform simplifies and fast tracks the development process by enabling users to quickly create apps with easy-to-use templates, pre-built forms, drag and drop capabilities as well as various setup options. In addition, information can easily be accessed from internal and external data sources with an extensive set of SmartConnectors. 

“With the growing importance of tablets and smartphones plus the significant opportunities in mobile, the ability to quickly create and deploy apps is a game changer in the making,” stated Shayan Mashatian, VP of Products for CAIL Mobile, in a press release. “We provide a unique opportunity for organizations to extend their mobile capabilities by providing a business-oriented platform to build apps. With our ease of addressing information requests and performing transactions, huge productivity improvements are realized – while significantly minimizing the effort and complexity historically associated with creating mobile apps.”

The CAIL platform keeps track of development. Moreover, a set of SmartConnectors can access information from internal and external data sources, which enables IT professionals to create and publish apps, with no coding. 

“By creating apps fast, organizations are able to better manage, change and engage with users more effectively. Launching new ideas quicker allow organizations to increase the rewards and reduce the risks normally associated with business innovation,” explained Ron Thompson, VP of Business Development at CAIL, in a press release. “Further, it is time for business people to create apps, in the same way they create presentations. No technical knowledge or assistance from IT personnel is needed. It dramatically reduces the time and cost to create apps – while enabling the organization to be more agile in addressing business opportunities with new mobile services.”

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