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CA Technologies survey: Innovation drives growth

CA Technologies survey: Innovation drives growth 

Vanson Bourne conducted the CA Technologies-sponsored study, entitled “How to Survive and Thrive in the Application Economy,” in which results from 1450 businesses across 13 countries were analyzed.

The study found that more than 50 percent of companies surveyed will acquire specifically to add talent and strengthen their development capabilities.

Software and leadership
The study divided the respondents into two groups: leaders and laggards. “Leaders” found that software and application development is core to their future success and they are experiencing 68 percent higher profit growth and see more than 50 percent new business growth from new services.

Forty nine percent of the “Leaders” have adopted DevOps technologies as an application delivery catalyst, versus only 6 percent of the “Laggards.” Security is a business enabler and not a roadblock: 47 percent of “Leaders’” revenue has increased from new security-services.

Technology is embraced as business enabler, and software is deployed to manage their IT investments and is aligned with business goals. Adopting mobility as a strategy is a key driver for business success with faster time-to-market.

Additional findings
About 33 percent to 44 percent of enterprises are bringing more software development back in-house.
User demand increases pressure on 94 percent of Line of Business (LOB) executives to release applications faster, with 51 percent of businesses having released at least four customer-facing applications in just the last year, and even at this rate of delivery, only 15 percent of LOB executives are satisfied with the speed delivery. And 88 percent of enterprises surveyed are planning to adopt DevOps for the reason same.

The hurdles
Twenty five percent of top-level IT leaders say there was a lack of understanding the application ecosystem at the senior level, 26 percent pointed toward a lack of knowledge and skills and 24 percent commented that there were cultural issues that presented barriers.

“There is clear evidence that enterprises of all sizes, in all markets, have to embrace the application economy and place software development and delivery at the center of their business strategy,” said John Michelsen, CTO, CA Technologies, in a press release. “Business success is tied to application performance, and the ability of a business to drive growth is no longer just about the product or service they deliver, but increasingly about a complete software-driven experience.”

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