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CA Technologies releases Nimsoft Monitor Snap

CA Technologies releases Nimsoft Monitor Snap 

Nimsoft Monitor allows organizations to monitor on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures within a single code base. Although it has a streamlined architecture and a lightweight footprint, Nimsoft Monitor delivers scalability and multi-tenancy. The solution can automatically deploy, configure, and display monitoring information for all of your virtualized and cloud environments.

The Snap version of Nimsoft Monitor allows CA Technologies to reach out to customers who need monitoring capabilities but might not have the financial resources to deploy them. Bill Talbot, senior director, product marketing, CA Technologies, noted that IT end users in midmarket and growth accounts are underserved. “These companies have to compromise functionality for cost,” he said. 

Nimsoft Monitor Snap will change that situation. The solution monitors, manages and reports on up to 30 physical or virtual servers, applications, databases, storage and network devices. It includes features such as auto-discovery, automatic monitoring and best practice thresholds. A directed user experience helps users quickly implement Nimsoft Monitor Snap.

The solution’s deployment period is also quite short. Users can download and deploy Nimsoft Monitor Snap and begin monitoring and receiving reports on devices within an hour. Talbot emphasized that the tool provides enterprise-grade abilities without enterprise-grade hassles or costs. Nimsoft Monitor Snap will be free, and not just for a limited time. It will also not be a feature-limited point tool. 

CA Technologies currently releases new software updates on a quarterly basis, and Nimsoft Monitor Snap will follow that schedule. Talbot remarked that new software updates to the free solution will be backwards compatible. 

The company will offer online-only support for Nimsoft Monitor Snap. Users can join an online community moderated by CA Technologies staff. It allows them to ask questions, receive advice and obtain news on the latest updates to the tool. 

Talbot expressed confidence that the target audience for Nimsoft Monitor Snap will find it useful. “Thirty devices is a good representative sample,” he pointed out. “Other freemium offerings only monitor one to five devices.” Talbot sees the release of Nimsoft Monitor Snap as a win-win situation for customers and for the company. “It removes the friction from the process of getting products into the users’ hands,” he said.

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