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BYOD worth implementing, says Citrix security boss

BYOD worth implementing, says Citrix security boss 


“Policy needs to not only be concerned with some of the historical enterprise ways of doing things, it also needs to address BYO,” Roemer said. “It needs to have a very strong eye to the future because the explosion of these devices and use cases is occurring at a tremendous pace.”

He stressed that there must be a clear delineation between what is owned by the enterprise and what is owned by the user – enterprises cannot simply put locks on people’s personal devices and call it security. He outlined several policy models enterprises can employ to secure mobile devices in the office, including Mobile Device Management, the use of containers, and application virtualization.

Solutions like the use of containers offer the best of both worlds. They allow users to retain the freedom to use their devices on their personal time, while also providing the necessary security to keep enterprise data from falling into the wrong hands.

At the end of the day, he said, BYOD arrangements are worth the trouble. They can allow employees to be more productive, in terms of responsiveness, availability, and connectedness.

“Of course, the big challenge with that is security,” he said. “From an enterprise perspective, how could you redesign your security so that BYO is actually an asset as opposed to a liability? That’s the enterprise challenge today.”

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