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Bye, bye BlackBerry smartphones

Bye, bye BlackBerry smartphones 

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We are now coming to the end of an era. BlackBerry has made the decision to stop designing and making smartphones.

This move by BlackBerry was inevitable but yet it caught most of us, especially users of BlackBerry by surprise.
After 14 years in the smartphone business, BlackBerry has made the announcement to stop the focus on hardware and move to the more profitable part of their business – software. The company lost most of its market share to Apple and Samsung due to the lack to innovate and to expand its app store.

Since the past decade, BlackBerry has been playing the catch up game. Yet even with this mass exodus to the iOS and Android platforms, there are still some die hard BlackBerry fans. What does the future hold for those who are still wishing to have new BlackBerry devices?


Apple’s iMessages app may not be the best choice for texters if they want their chats to be discreet and private. Those contacts that you’ve reached via Messages are logged by Apple, which then allows the company and law enforcement to access who’ve you texted in the past.

This disclosure about the logs kept by Apple is worth taking note of especially since the big noise that was made over privacy in the last year regarding the San Bernardino shooting. Apple’s stance of not adhering to the court order to release information on Farook’s iPhone has given the company the reputation of not just a maker of expensive devices, but a determined privacy advocate.

But with taking such a public stance, we need companies that we are sharing our privacy with to be more open as to what information is being logged and what can be given to law enforcement agencies.


Artificial intelligence is quickly taking shape. Microsoft recently announced a new AI partnership with IBM, Google, Facebook and Amazon. The tech giant also announced that it is creating a new AI business unit, the Microsoft AI and Research Group, which will have 5,000 computer scientists, engineers and others who will be working on all aspects of AI and how it will be applied at the company, covering agents, apps, services and infrastructure.

For Microsoft, with this new group, it will focus on four areas.

Agents. Harness AI to fundamentally change human and computer interaction through agents such as Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortana

Applications. Infuse every application, from the photo app on people’s phones to Skype and Office 365, with intelligence

Services. Make these same intelligent capabilities that are infused in Microsoft’s apps —cognitive capabilities such as vision and speech, and machine analytics — available to every application developer in the world

Infrastructure. Build the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer with Azure and make it available to anyone, to enable people and organizations to harness its power.

From the objectives outlined by Microsoft we can see that the tech giant is very serious about AI and in the words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, “we are infusing AI into everything we deliver across our computing platforms and experiences.” Now, that’s the future we are looking at.

Thanks for listening.


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