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By the same token

By the same token 

While CloudMask specializes in data protection, Allstream is a leading business telecommunications provider. The two enterprises are coming together to apply CloudMask’s technologies to Allstream services. Through this collaboration, users will be able to moderate and prevent data breaches from the moment data is created on the originator’s device.

Tokenization is a risk reduction technology that operates by substituting sensitive information with a “token” equivalent.  Tokens are comprised of random, non-sensitive identifiers that lead back to protected data through a finely tuned system. CloudMask’s specific model is founded on a “zero-trust” mindset where explicit authorization from the originator trumps implicit confidence.

CloudMask’s high-security allows for customers to take advantage of Allstream’s mobility. Users will be able to secure their data anywhere, knowing that they are the only ones authorized to do so.

Announced hot on the heels of devastating data breaches in government, the collaboration couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

“Recent events targeting many business and government operations are a wake-up call for everyone to look at new ways of protecting assets and information in a world where our adversaries are determined to cause harm,” says CloudMask CEO Wael Aggan.

Edith Cloutier, Allstream’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, agrees. “Data security threats have regrettably become more commonplace for businesses and consumers alike. That’s why we are pleased to be working with CloudMask and applying their innovative tokenization technology to make services we offer our customers more secure.”

Resilient data protection is more important than ever. In a cutthroat world, trust alone is no longer viable.

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