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Businesses that use analytics see higher ROI

Businesses that use analytics see higher ROI 

Nucleus Research examined 60 ROI-related case studies and found that businesses that invest in analytics can expect to see an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deployments of analytics-related applications.

Yet many businesses choose not to employ analytics technologies, opting instead to use ERP and CRM applications.

These businesses should consider integrating analytics applications in their own operations for two reasons. First, vendors of analytics software provide services that can reduce the complexity of deployment, thereby saving enterprises resources and costs that would otherwise go toward intergrating data sources with analytics tools.

Second, analytics are capable of altering the decision-making process, which can lead to improvements in profitability.

For more information on big data and business analytics, visit our digital library, where we have a number of whitepapers available for download.

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