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Building a resourceful IT department

Building a resourceful IT department 

For inspiration, look no further than Canada’s leader. Earlier this year at the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Trudeau made a comment that businesses across the country should consider: “My predecessor wanted you to know Canada for its resources. I want you to know Canadians for our resourcefulness.”

To create a successful company, organizations need to breed a resourceful ecosystem and there is no better place to start with than with IT. One way for IT to demonstrate its resourcefulness is by investing in technology that delivers multiple benefits. Investing in enterprise mobility through desktop and application virtualization, for example, can provide a number of positive benefits that will help stretch dollars and maximize investments. Here are a few ways that enterprise mobility can benefit a business:

Flexibility – There is no such thing as one size fits all. Enterprise mobility enables organizations to give employees the flexibility they crave via the option to choose from a variety of devices and the freedom to work from anywhere. With desktop and application virtualization at the core of IT’s digital workspace strategy, the company will be positioned to adapt to the changing way people work, optimize investments and respond to current and future workforce demands.

Security – The demand for 24/7 security protection from employees’ risky online habits and outsider threats – is rising. Outsider threats are lurking everywhere, at all times but employees want any device, anytime and any location access. This conflict requires IT departments to create a hybrid architecture that walks a technical and operational tightrope. To avoid costly and reputation-damaging security issues, desktop and app virtualization centralizes Windows apps and desktops in the datacenter rather than on local devices. This allows IT to securely deliver the virtualized apps and data that employees demand while still ensuring top-of-the-line security.

Elevate HR – A key asset to any company is its talent. Enterprise mobility technology enables virtual meetings and remote access to data which allows for collaboration amongst team members, regardless of location. This means that HR is no longer confined to the local market when searching for the best talent; they can expand the talent search nationally or globally, hiring the best person for the job. Mobile enterprise technology may also help to retain current talent, as employees will have the benefit of a flexible workspace.

Reduce Costs – Real estate is a massive fixed cost for organizations. They may be investing in large corporate offices that don’t suit the modern needs of the business. Hoteling or unassigned workspaces are made possible through technologies such as desktop and application virtualization and MDM and can help streamline office space, reducing costs by allowing organizations to scale down to an office size that makes sense for a number of employees that will be physically present in the office at any given time.

With enterprise mobility delivered through a single IT implementation as the pillar of the IT infrastructure, businesses will be primed to take advantage of the economy when the needle swings back the other way.

Michael Murphy small pics 

Michael Murphy, is vice president and country manager, Citrix Canada 

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