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Brocade releases will ease transition to “New IP”

Brocade releases will ease transition to “New IP” 

The new releases specifically target Brocade’s MLXe carrier-class routing platform, and incorporate support for OpenFlow 1.3. They include new features that will allow for the secure implementation of application- and user-specific services.

“Networks today have much more demand put on them than ever before,” Jason Nolet, VP of switching, routing, and analytics for Brocade said in a press release. “In support of the New IP, we strive to help our customers modernize their networks with the most robust scalable, flexible, and open solutions possible. The Brocade MLXe also provides a seamless transition to real-world SDN with support for OpenFlow 1.3 in the first implementation that provides interworking between legacy forwarding and new software-defined forwarding. This capability provides a logical path for network operators to integrate OpenFlow into existing networks.”

OpenFlow 1.3 provides IT managers with increased control and services that can be customized at scale. Furthermore, the MLXe router is designed to support interworking between routed and software-defined networks through its Hybrid Port Mode.

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