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Broadview announces new service – OfficeSuite PrivateCloud

Broadview announces new service – OfficeSuite PrivateCloud 

OfficeSuite PrivateCloud is built on VMware and utilizes Tier IV data centers. Users can create hybrid cloud networks, leveraging Broadview’s data centers without additional capital, which reciprocates to higher reliability and efficient deployment of business. 

“OfficeSuite PrivateCloud is the perfect solution for organizations that want to maintain full administrative-level control across their entire virtual infrastructure and still use cloud services to reduce or eliminate premise-based carbon footprint and capital expense,” said Ken Shulman, Broadview’s CTO and CIO. “For small- and medium-sized businesses that need enterprise-grade virtual computing, PrivateCloud is the ideal solution, as it balances a feature-rich platform and a very aggressive price point.”

According to Broadview, OfficeSuite PrivateCloud provides a virtual machine management technology VMware vSphere and vCloud technology, Geo-diverse Tier IV data centers with built-in redundancy, ensuring resources availability and security, firewall and intelligent routing, load balancing and optional storage architectures for unparalleled flexibility. This can replicate existing physical and virtual machines to the PrivateCloud environment for zero-downtime service migration, and snapshot and SAN-based retention capability with automation for snapshot protection, alongwith Tiered IOPS-based SAN storage options for application and storage performance.

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