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Broadview announces cloud-based phone service

Broadview announces cloud-based phone service 

PC Console is a PC-based color-coded softphone that provides supervisors and receptionists with a dashboard for managing incoming calls and helps to view up to 400 employees irrespective of their location. Users can record selective calls for any extension or phone number. Calls can be stored in the cloud and organizations can review recorded calls from a website.

The Voicemail Transcription feature automatically emails the transcribed text of every recorded message and each email also includes the original recording so that employees can listen to the messages if desired. This feature is free to try for all customers until the end of 2014.

Executives with multiple offices can enable multi-desking, which allows up to five phones to be logged onto a single OfficeSuite Phone extension. Employees can use the logged-in phones for calls and select a primary phone for pages and intercom.

The OfficeSuite Dialer can be installed on a Windows computer and users can call their OfficeSuite phone from an email, webpage, document or directory with one click. This feature also eliminates misdials and transposed phone numbers.

OfficeSuite PC Softphones users can upgrade their software for free with features including support for Microsoft Exchange directories and XMPP chat client. The PC Softphone also adds support for Windows 8 and offers Workgroup Presence with which employees can see when another employee is on a call.

Users can set up their personal one-touch phone memory key from the OfficeSuite Phone website to redirect a call to voicemail or to another destination.

“We continue to adapt and develop our services to stay ahead of the evolving trends and requirements of our business customers,” said Jeff Blackey, SVP, marketing, in a press release. “Unlike other providers that leverage third-party software to service customers, we own the code used to service OfficeSuite Phone customers and actively develop the service based on what customers tell us they want.”

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