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Brightcove makes advertising easier for publishers

Brightcove makes advertising easier for publishers 

This announcement was made at the International Broadcasting Convention.

Using Brightcove’s Perform, in conjunction with Brightcove Once, its server-side ad insertion technology, will enable publishers to generate more views and more ad completions while avoiding growing popularity of ad blockers.

To help publishers deliver interactive ad capabilities and a rich user interface from the client side, this solution fuses the server-side solution with the client-side user experience, while allowing server-side ad insertion and playback. This paves the way for monetization opportunities through ad units and pay-per-click models.

Analytics that include client-side beaconing also allow for better reporting, auditing, and personalization of ads, eliminates ad blockers, hides player controls to prevent fast-forwarding, and supports mid-roll ad insertion in short- or long-form content, enabling ad operations teams to customize ads based on users on current inventory on any devices.

Brightcove Perform provides the fastest player and tools for creating and managing video, thus decreasing time to get to the market. It supports HTTP Live Streaming and contains SDKs, plugins, and APIs.

The combination of Once and Perform merges ad insertion and playback technologies that allow publishers to monetize by leveraging strategies for different devices.

If customers want customized video technology solution, it’s possible with the combination and streamlining of their workflows and reaching out for their business and they provide integration with ad servers like DoubleClick or Freewheel.

Moreover, faster load and publishing times as well as flexibility enable media companies to increase their speed to market and improve revenue generation.

“Our goal is to enable our media customers to maximize reach and monetization while providing the best possible user experience to their viewers,” said Anil Jain, SVP and GM, media group at Brightcove, in a press release. “Integrating the core offerings of Once, the Brightcove player, and our newest product, Perform, will make increase the opportunity to make video on the Web and across mobile devices more profitable for publishers and more seamless for viewers.”

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