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Bridging the ‘App Gap’

Bridging the ‘App Gap’ 

The San Fransisco-based company is launching the Salesforce1 Lightning Components and App Builder. With this tool, users can create a custom app by simply dragging and dropping pre-made components.

The components – essentially app building blocks – are JavaScript-based but require no coding from the user. Instead, they are built custom by Salesforce and other third party developers, ISVs and system integrators. They vary from single UI elements to complex microservices with embedded data and logic. Regardless of experience, all users can mix and match components to meet their enterprise’s custom needs.    

“Salesforce1 is transforming app development for the enterprise,” said Tod Nielsen, executive vice president, Salesforce1 Platform. “We’re creating the tools and ecosystem that IT needs to build user-centric apps so that companies can innovate faster and succeed.”

Along with the new Salesforce 1 Lightning tools, the company announced a live and publicly accessible AppExchange for Components program. A sort of virtual marketplace, the AppExchange allows developers to list their components for free or for profit.

Salesforce1 Lightning Components and the App Builder are available in the current Salesforce release as well as all CRM and admin licenses.  

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