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Box Feed: An intuitive and smart way to surface content that is relevant to you

Box Feed: An intuitive and smart way to surface content that is relevant to you 

This identical problem is prevalent within our organizations. With multiple reports, documents, orders and files circulating on the job, it is often difficult to set up a filter to surface only what needs your attention. The solution of having an assistant to go through all content and provide a list of what you need to look at would save time and cost. But on this front, it is still limited, as it involves a manual process and a human assistant.

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning of today have made it easier to resolve this issue. Removing the manual process and hours out of the equation, while serving up files in an automated way to review is an essential need in this digital age.

Aaron LevieOne company that is providing a solution for this issue is Box, Inc. As a cloud content management company based in Redwood City, California, Box is continuing to innovate “on the future of work in the enterprise,” according to Aaron Levie, CEO, Co-founder and Chairman of Box. Levie, speaking during the opening keynote at Boxwroks 2018, said that they are working with companies that are both digital native – organizations that were born digital – as well as organizations that have been around for over 100 years in transforming themselves.

Levie, along with his friend and Box CFO Dylan Smith, started Box in 2005 which was born out of the idea of a college business project that Levie was working on a year earlier on cloud storage. Levie found that the market was too fragmented and there was a dire need for a solution to access and store information.

Over the past 13 years, Box has grown to become a $2 Billion business with over 87,000 customers, many coming from 69 per cent of Fortune 500 companies. In continuing to innovate in the digital workplace, the company announced at BoxWorks 2018 in San Francisco yesterday, Box Feed. This product is an intuitive and secure way to curate and serve up content to users that need their attention.

Jeetu PatelBox Feed was launched last year, but since yesterday it has moved into the public beta stage. According to Jeetu Patel, Senior Vice President of Platform and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Box, Feed makes it easier to discover content. Patel explained that the way people find content is by browsing and searching. “But the problem with searching for content is that you need to know exactly what you are looking for,” he said. He went on to ask what happens if the system is smart enough to know exactly what content might be relevant to you based on your pattern of usage and then surfaces that content to you at the right time? That is why the company launched Box Feed.

Jon Fan, Vice President of Product Management at Box reiterated that Feed is a way of looking at the interaction between users and content and then to serve up the right information based on what you have been working on in an automated way. Feed was designed to provide a user the right information at the right time while allowing the person to work on it from that interface.

This product provides a better user experience to get to documents quicker. Fan said that one of the key benefits is that “it cuts the time it takes to go looking for a file on your system.” What is interesting as well is that Feed will push a document up for your view even though you have not been working directly on it but it knows that it is something that you need to get to based on the previous usage. “It surfs up content that you don’t even realize that you were supposed to get to,” Fan said.

“That’s really helpful as you can comment on a file that your team may be working on or view the progress on an assignment,” he added. The Feed proactively provides content so that you can get to the most relevant files that demand your attention and has been personalized to the individual user.

Another important aspect of this product is that the system will surface files only that a user has permission to access. This ensures that security requirements are being adhered to within an organization.

Box Feed

This intuitive and secure system ensures that users have their most relevant content at the top of their Feed along with a “Recents” digest of their most current work to reduce time spent searching for files or tracking ongoing work. The “Trending Content” and “Recommended Content” tabs keep the users in touch with what is happening in their organizations.

Feed also provides seamless collaboration among users where people can comment, share and favourite files right in Box Feed. On the privacy and security side, the system will only provide files in users Box Feed only if they have permission to view it. In cases where users want to keep a file from showing up in Box Feed, they can easily mark it as private.

For customers, the public beta version of Box Feed can be turned on in the Box Admin Console.

At BoxWorks 2018, the company also announced: New Activity Stream and Recommended Apps, Box for G Suite, New Automations in Box, Box Skills Kit, Custom Trained AI Models and BoxShield which provides anomaly detection and smart access. To learn more, go here.

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