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Boku acquires mopay

Boku acquires mopay 

The move will enable Boku to improve the mobile carrier billing solutions it provides its customers and add to its list of high-profile clients, which include Electronic Arts, Facebook and Sony.

“By coming together, we’ve created a company that can realize the vision of charging purchases to your phone bill as a truly global payment method at scale,” Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku said in a press release. “Together, Boku and mopay serve some of the largest digital merchants in the world and we have a tremendous pipeline in the works.”

The merger allows Boku and mopay to combine their assets and services to offer enhanced scalability, and boost efficiency in order to craft a more standardized billing solution for e-merchants, mobile carriers and consumers.

In addition, the newly-formed organization, which will operate under the Boku branding, will offer mobile payments in more than 80 countries, reaching a total of nearly 5 billion consumers.

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