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Blueprint for success: deploying cloud solutions

Blueprint for success: deploying cloud solutions 

IT in Canada Online is offering a free webinar series on how companies can transform their business with the cloud. The first in the series will be on February 19. The webcast, featuring Waterfront Toronto, is a blueprint for successful cloud execution.

Waterfront Toronto is one the world’s largest waterfront revitalization projects. Created by the federal and Ontario governments, as well as the City of Toronto, its mandate is to oversee and lead the renewal of Toronto’s waterfront.

Under the auspices of a very limited IT budget and resources, Waterfront Toronto developed an innovative and highly scalable city-wide platform.

“Waterfront Toronto is developing a connected platform that will help generate insight into how to deliver community services more effectively and efficiently for both business and residents,” said Ralph Chapman, vice-president, public sector, for IBM in Canada.

It used the IBM SmartCloud, delivered as a service, to create an easy way for residents to quickly connect with each other, as well as local businesses and service providers. The goal was to build a strong base foundation that could be scaled out, without investing in a lot of hardware and infrastructure.

The Waterfront Toronto initiative was also instrumental in Toronto’s selection to the Top 7 most intelligent communities of 2013 by New York-based think tank, Intelligent Community Forum. Using IBM’s cloud technology, the corporation is developing ‘future-proof IT infrastructure.’

Join us on February 19 for a live webinar to hear from Kristina Verner, Director Intelligent Communities Waterfront Toronto and John Longbottom, P. Eng. CMA, Smarter Cities National Executive, IBM Canada Ltd.

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