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BLACKIRON Data achieves SOC 2 certification

BLACKIRON Data achieves SOC 2 certification 

The certification – which tests controls related to security, compliance, and operations rather than financial reporting – puts the company in a position to offer more convenient services to current and future clients. With the certification, clients can rest assured that they will receive high quality service, security, and cost and time savings.

“As an organization, proof beats promises,” said Ron Ethier, VP, data centres and managed services, BLACKIRON. “Organizations like [BLACKIRON] need third-party verification. We’re not just claiming to be good at X, Y, and Z; third-party organizations are coming in and validating us, and we’re living and breathing these controls every day.”

Although the company already holds a number of other certifications, including SOC 1, PCI DSS, CSAE 3416 Type 2, and ISAE 3402 Type 2, the SOC 2 certification puts BLACKIRON ahead of competitors in Canada. Now that it has brought in third-party auditors to assess its data centres, potential clients will no longer have to spend their own money and time to have BLACKIRON’s data centres audited by their own people.

“When we have our own compliance papers, all we have to do is hand [our client] a copy of our sealed document, and their auditor just checks it off on his list,” said Ethier. “So there’s not just a value to us as an organization; there’s a value to our end customer, both from a cost perspective, and from a timing perspective.”

The certificate is valid for one year as of June 1, 2013.

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