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BlackBerry wins injunction in court battle against Typo

BlackBerry wins injunction in court battle against Typo 

The preliminary injunction bars sales of Typo’s phone case, which equips iPhones with a BlackBerryesque keyboard. The Typo keyboard sells for $99, and fits the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

BlackBerry sued Typo in early January of this year, to stop the sale of its keyboard on claims of patent infringement. Now a few months later, the federal judge trying the case in San Francisco has said that BlackBerry has a ‘likelihood’ of proving Typo infringed on BlackBerry’s patents.

Typo said in a statement that it’s disappointed at the ruling, and plans to appeal.  

The injunction is a win for BlackBerry, as the smartphone maker gets set to release its BlackBerry Q20, also known as the BlackBerry Classic. The new Classic phone will come equipped with the QWERTY keyboard, including physical buttons for the Menu, Back, Send and End buttons, as well as an integrated trackpad.

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