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BlackBerry tablet, Gear S3 and a new tech event

BlackBerry tablet, Gear S3 and a new tech event 

Show Notes:

BlackBerry tablet

If you haven’t heard by now, BlackBerry is about to bring us another tablet.

In the words of John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, “One of our partners is very excited to build a tablet based on Android. I’m interested to do that because I’m going to get royalties for every tablet they ship.”

So, this is another effort by BlackBerry to get back into the tablet market. The PlayBook was released in April 2011 and is the only tablet built by BlackBerry. When it first came out it had that premium feel to it and carried a hefty price. 

It was considered a good, mini tablet that was supposed to work well with BlackBerry phones. But it didn’t, in a push to get the tablet out early, BlackBerry shipped it without a calendar app, an email app and the BlackBerry Bridge. These were glaring omissions especially for a company that was once so popular for its email client on its smartphones.

Even though these updates were made later, the damage was already done. In total, some 2.5 million units were sold with most of it at very large discount.

Can a BlackBerry Android tablet make a dent in the tablet market today? Given the extra layer of security that they’ve added to their Android based smartphones, this could be a big selling point for them. But in the end, it will come down to the design and price. 

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My take on the Samsung Gear S3

The S3 is the latest version of smartwatch from Samsung. Samsung began manufacturing smartwatches back in 2013 and has since joined a long list of smartwatch makers like Apple, and Google.

What I really like about this watch is the functionality. It has lot of features like working as a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. You can check emails, messages, sleep record, weather, create reminders, view upcoming activities, get the latest news, play music and more. 

It has a long battery life, well-crafted stainless steel design with a turning bezel interface and a 1.3 inch LED screen that is very bright and clear.

To see my full video review and write up, please go to:

New tech event

Later this year, our media affiliate Canadian Government Executive will be hosting a new event on tech. This event will focus on AI, machine leaning, cloud, IoT and cybersecurity. Group Publisher and President of Canadian Government Executive and IT in Canada J. Richard Jones joined me to give us an overview. Listen to the show to understand how this can be a great opportunity for your company to showcase your offering to government.

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