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BlackBerry introduces the Passport

BlackBerry introduces the Passport 

Featuring a unique square-like shape and a 4.5 inch high-resolution screen, the new BlackBerry Passport remains faithful to the built-in keyboard technology that the company’s mobile products have become synonymous with. The Passport is also BlackBerry’s first new product since 2013’s 10-series devices.

The Passport’s square screen is one of its main selling points, according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen. Unlike most traditional devices with rectangular screens, the Passport’s screen can display 60 characters per line.

“You really are seeing a more entire picture than seeing a sliver of a screen,” Chen said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Other key features include a battery that can last for up to 36 hours, a larger antenna for better reception, and a redesigned keyboard that makes it easier to scroll through on-screen content.

BlackBerry is eyeing a September 24 launch date for the Passport, at which time the product will be released in Toronto, Dubai and London. Chen notes that the Passport will be available at an off-contract price of $700, and that enterprises are among its target markets.

“The reason why our focus is so enterprise is because what we know how to do is security and productivity,” he said. “Security, cybersecurity, personal identity protection. This is going to be a big deal.”

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