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BlackBerry detects profits in Radar fleet tracking solution

BlackBerry detects profits in Radar fleet tracking solution 

With the addition of Radar-L, which is designed for rapid installation on flatbeds, chassis, containers, heavy machinery, and other valuable transportation or non-powered assets, Titanium Group Inc.’s entire fleet is now supported by the BlackBerry Radar platform.

The agreement builds upon Titanium’s first deal with BlackBerry, which was signed in December 2016 and included the use of Radar-M devices on Titanium’s fleet.  The Bolton, Ont.-based transport business expects to achieve significant operational efficiencies from the data provided by the system.

The system collects up to 100 times more data than conventional GPS-based track and trace solutions, according to BlackBerry.  All data is stored securely on a cloud platform, which maintains the privacy of the user information at all times.

“Titanium was an early adopter of our BlackBerry Radar solution, and we are privileged that they have entrusted their entire fleet of trailers and commercial vehicles to the BlackBerry Radar portfolio,” said Philip Poulidis, senior vice-president and general manager of Radar.

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The one-time smartphone technology leader, on the other hand, hopes this agreement would help focus more attention on the Radar system and other software-side initiatives in which BlackBerry is pinning its hopes of a comeback.

It seems to be working. This summer, news service Reuters reported that BlackBerry stocks soured 70 per cent. The company also reported on Thursday that it beat analysts’ expectations by earning US$19 million or four cents per basic share in the quarter ended August 31. BlackBerry posted a $372 million loss for the same period last year.

BlackBerry Radar monitors the location of trailers and containers and delivers timely, actionable data to transportation managers via a secure, online portal. The portal is accessible from practically any location on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

“We like to say that we take a “youthful” approach to an “old” industry.  We embrace technology and welcome a modern trailer tracking solution to boost efficiencies and increase our fleet utilization,” said Ted Daniel, CEO of Titanium. “We have already seen significant business benefits with our current implementation of BlackBerry Radar, and expect to see bigger improvements in fleet utilization and operational efficiencies now that our entire fleet is on the BlackBerry Radar platform.”

The system enables operations managers, load planners and dispatchers to determine where their trailers and shipping containers are located and how they’re being used. With Radar, managers and dispatchers can also identify and prevent potential opportunities for theft or drains on efficiency.

BlackBerry Radar can send custom, real-time alerts about events such as when a truck has crossed a user-defined geofence or when a trailer door has opened or closed.

The system also monitors temperature, humidity and the presence of cargo – information that can help prevent cargo spoilage.

The system optimizes usage of trailers and shipping containers, improves on-time delivery and lets operators generate more revenue per trailer.

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