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BlackBerry and Intel to End Cryptojacking Malware

BlackBerry and Intel to End Cryptojacking Malware 

BlackBerry Limited announced the release of BlackBerry Optics v2.5.1100 with special features like cryptomining and cryptojacking detection for Intel-based commercial PCs.

This technology detects advanced cryptojacking malware which leveraged unique CPU telemetry from Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) to give businesses high-quality cryptojacking attempts detection. BlackBerry has partnered with Intel on this technology that can stop cryptojacking with virtually no processor impact and easy configuration. SMBs and enterprises can detect and mitigate this challenge with higher precision and consistent results across various workloads executing on Windows 10 operating systems.

What is Cryptojacking?

It is the installation of malware on a device to hijack computing power to mine cryptocurrency without the owner’s knowing. A lot of cryptojacking hackers use small quantities of power from different machines to make a pool of processing power. This strategy makes large organizations an easy target once access has been gained. In a recent report, it stated that “around 10 per cent of organizations received (and blocked) Cryptocurrency mining malware at some point throughout the course of the year.”

“With our new cryptojacking detection and response capabilities, we’re looking to make this practice a thing of the past, providing enterprises and their employees with a turn-key solution that will enable them to thwart cryptojacking attempts and ensure their software and hardware are used for their intended purposes. The days of exploiting unsuspecting users for free CPU time are over,” said Josh Lemos, VP, Research & Intelligence. 

“As hackers use more sophisticated tactics to bypass detection, it’s more important than ever to have built-in hardware security features,” said Stephanie Hallford, Intel Vice President of the Client Computing Group and General Manager of Business Client Platforms. 

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