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BlackBerry acquires Movirtu

BlackBerry acquires Movirtu 

The deal enables BlackBerry to integrate Movirtu’s technology into its offerings, which will make it possible to maintain multiple phone numbers on a single device. This, in turn, will promote the use of mobile technology and better device management in both BYOD and COPE-reliant workplaces.

“In a BYOD and COPE world, there remain a number of efficiency and convenience challenges facing enterprises, employees and mobile operators alike,” John Chen, executive chairman and CEO of BlackBerry said in a press release. “The acquisition of Movirtu complements our core strategy of providing additional value added services, and it will leverage our key assets, including our BES platform, along with our existing global infrastructure which is connected to a large number of mobile operators around the world.”

Movirtu’s technology also complements BlackBerry Balance, Secure Work Space and other related partitioning platforms, giving employees the autonomy, security and privacy they need for both business and personal purposes. Additionally, Movirtu allows users to seamlessly switch between profiles for calls, data and messages in both local and roaming environments.

“BlackBerry is the best partner to help us carry forward our vision of redefining the mobile experience by introducing virtual identities,” Movirtu CEO Carsten Brinkschulte said in a press release. “We address the challenges of BYOD and COPE by providing our unique and innovative technology solution through BlackBerry’s existing relationships with mobile operators and customers around the world.”

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