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Black riders discriminated against by some Uber, Lyft drivers: Study

Black riders discriminated against by some Uber, Lyft drivers: Study 

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of Washington, has revealed that some drivers of transportation network companies Uber and Lyft are not treating their customers equally.

In a study of  more than 1,400 individual cases of research assistants ordering, waiting and taking actual rides in Seattle and Boston with Uber and Lyft, it was determined that African Americans wait longer to get rides and suffer more ride cancellations “once drivers determine they’re black.”

The researchers point out that they also documented instances of racial discrimination by drivers of conventional taxis.

 “But, our study illustrates that discrimination among TNC drivers is occurring and we point to ways TNC companies can reduce this discrimination,” says Christopher R. Knittel, one of the study’s authors and a professor at the MIT Sloan School of management.

Read the rest of the story and get some helpful tips on how to stop racism in the sharing economy, click on this link: Study uncovers racial discrimination by Uber, Lyft drivers

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