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BILT from the ground up

BILT from the ground up 

What’s on the shelf in the store might not be the best product for you. This poses a challenge for vendors who have witnessed a great deal of change.

The most prevalent is the fear of losing out in business. But on the other hand, the buyer gets frustrated because of the popularity of the do-it-yourself projects.

To address this, SAP has introduced BILT, a mobile app that features an interactive, 3D and a voice-guided assembly for repairing and installation of household appliances.

“SAP is committed to helping consumer products companies and retailers alike in raising the bar on the customer experience, be it in the store, or at home assembling their product,” said Pat Bakey, global head of consumer industries, SAP. “BILT is an important tool in accomplishing that and forging relationships between retailers and consumers, so that the best product is delivered to the consumer every time.”

Available for both iOS and Android, the free app allows buyers find the best fit for them without forcing the producers to change product design. The app helps out with most of the consumer products, like bikes, playpen, and usual household installations.

In addition, key product details such as manufacturer and warranty can be captured and streamlined with BILT.

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